Rincon Valley Fire District was formed in 1985 by residents of the southeast metropolitan Tucson area to ensure that the community received consistent, high-quality emergency services at a reasonable cost. Since its inception, the District has provided increasingly higher levels of fire protection and emergency medical services to a rapidly growing population.

The District currently provides emergency and community services to 20,000 residents  over a  50 square mile area. The two stations are staffed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with 39 full-time state certified firefighters that are Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians. Despite explosive growth, the District’s ratio of Paramedics to residents remains one of the best in the state at 1:1250.

Rincon Valley Fire District is a nonprofit, community service organization, funded through secondary assessed value property taxes. It is governed by a five member Board, whose members live within the District. The Board establishes policy, sets the tax rate and makes decisions regarding budget, operations and other issues concerning the District. The primary goal of the current board is to maintain a low tax rate while increasing the quality of services through staffing and equipment. Monthly meetings of the Board are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Fire Station #2 Conference Room, 14550 E. Sands Ranch Rd., and are open to the public.

Rincon Valley Fire District provides a wide range of dedicated services to its residential and commercial property owners. In addition to fire protection, Paramedic-equipped units located in the District for advanced life support to medical calls provide prompt, efficient transportation to the hospital.

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Rincon Valley Fire District loves supporting its community through a number of community services and outreach programs. Click the link below to see a full list of programs offered by RVFD.

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Fire Prevention Goals

The goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to direct its resources to provide effective service delivery in the areas of public education, economic development of community fire protection, construction planning, fire protection system installation and use, and fire origin and cause investigation.

Mission Objective

  1. Ensure that the Public Education Program reaches all segments of the community concerning the preservation of life and property.
  2. Ensure that early contact is made with architects, engineers, and contractors on construction projects in order to prevent delay or undue cost, while enhancing the safety of the final project.
  3. Provide liaison and consultation to industry locating in the Rincon Valley Fire District in order to clarify code requirements and options.
  4. Promote increased installation of fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and special hazard protection systems as the first line of defense from fire propagation.
  5. Provide fire code enforcement services that match the needs of the community.
  6. Ensure expedient fire cause determination in order to analyze and positively affect loss control.


Rincon Valley Fire District adopted the 2012 International Fire Code with Local Modifications on February 19, 2013.   Please see 2012 International Fire Code Amendments below:

RVFD 2012 Fire Code Amendments


ISO Information

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Plan Review and Inspections

The review of plans and specifications from new construction, modification, or rehabilitation of occupancies is a part of the code enforcement process intended to ensure compliance with fire protection and life safety provisions of the Fire Code, as well as the Building Code.  The Fire Prevention Bureau examines site plans, building construction plans, and fire protection system plans and may prepare recommendations or consult with individuals involved in building construction, remodeling, or renovations.  The Fire Prevention Bureau regularly interacts with other public safety officials and agencies throughout the area of Vail, Pima County, and the State of Arizona to ensure the construction and maintenance of fire safe, code-conforming occupancies.

Rincon Valley Fire District provides Fire Marshal Services for Vail including all portions of the Town Boundaries outside of the Fire District.  The Fire Prevention Bureau participates in pre-application and pre-construction conferences with owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and town or county staff officials. The Fire Prevention Bureau reviews requests by developers and architects to approve alternate materials or methods.  Approval may be provided if the proposed design, use, or operation satisfactorily complies with the intent of the Fire Code.  The material, method of work performed, or operation shall be, for the purpose intended, at least equivalent to that prescribed in the Fire Code in quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, and safety.  Approvals are subject to the approval of the building official whenever the alternate material or method involves items regulated by the Building Code.  Plan review and approval are followed by on-site inspections to ensure that fire protection features and systems are constructed and installed as planned and approved.  It is the goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau to inspect all commercial occupancies annually.