Organizational Statements


The purpose of this document is to clearly identify the legal authorization of the Rincon Valley Fire District (RVFD) to operate.



This document applies to all Rincon Valley Fire District operations.



Rincon Valley Fire District will operate within its legal authority and will comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.


  1. Authority:  Rincon Valley was created under Arizona Revised Statute 48-261 and ratified by the Pima County Board of Supervisors on October 31, 1984 to create a special taxation district.  The District is located in the southeast metropolitan Tucson area and was created by its residents to ensure that the community received consistent, high-quality emergency services.


  1. Mission Statement:  Prepare, Prevent, and Protect our Community from Harm


  1. Vision Statement:  Rincon Valley Fire District will be a safe place.


  1. Core Values: Rincon Valley Fire District aspires to the values listed below.

    1. Responsibility
      Through objective and measurable means, we will take responsibility for identifying, developing, and fully utilizing knowledge for continuous quality improvement in our individual and collective performances.

    2. Value
      We will value the needs of the community and the members of the Rincon Valley Fire Department. We will strive to meet or exceed these needs while staying financially responsible to the community in which we serve.

    3. Fairness
      We will continue to be fair and understanding in developing, implementing, and evaluating policy and practice, as well as in our personal interactions with others. We will seek to maintain an appropriate balance between community, Department, and individual priorities.

    4. Diversity
      We know Vail is a diverse community, and we are committed to meeting its ever-changing needs. We are dedicated to reflecting and respecting that diversity throughout our organization. We will respect the diversity of our community by providing compassionate and quality service to all.


  1. Risk Management Statement:  RVFD manages risk according to the following concepts.

    1. We will begin our response on the assumption that we can protect lives and property.

    2. We may extend significant risk to protect savable lives.

    3. We may extend moderate risk to protect savable property.

    4. We will not extend risk to save what is already lost.


  1. Services: RVFD provides a wide variety of services.  The section below outlines those services.

    1. Fire Suppression The department responds to incidents involving fires and explosions.

      1. RVFD provides full alarm responses to fires involving: permanent and mobile structures, large vehicle/machinery fires and fires of unknown extent.  Full alarm responses shall have an initial assignment consisting of: 2 engines, 2 ambulances and 1 command vehicle given units are not already committed on other calls.  Depending on the presence of hydrants, a water tender shall also respond.  After the initial response, a heavy rescue may also respond to provide scene support.

      2. RVFD provides still alarm responses to: vegetation fires refuse fires, small vehicle fires and unconfirmed fire alarms. Still alarm responses shall consist of 1 engine.

    2. EMS RVFD provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance response in accordance with Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) regulations and agreements.  ADHS has issued RVFD a Certificate of Necessity (CON), certificate number 92.  Response times within the ADHS approved Certificate of Necessity will meet the following standards: arrival within 10 minutes with 55% reliability, arrival within 15 minutes with 75% reliability, arrival within 20 minutes with 95% reliability, arrival within 30 minutes with 100% reliability.  RVFD supplements its ambulance service with ALS equipped engine response.  RVFD will also provide ambulance response outside of the CON, but within RVFD’s fire response area, if resources are available.

    3. Special Operations RVFD provides response to rescue and hazardous materials incidents.  Responses to these incidents shall have an initial full alarm assignment which will consist of 1 engine, 1 heavy rescue vehicle 2 ambulances and 1 command officer given units are not already committed on other calls. Responses shall be capable of providing the following service levels (as defined by NFPA):

      1. Rope Rescue- technical

      2. Structural Collapse Search and Rescue- none

      3. Confined Space Search and Rescue- awareness

      4. Vehicle Search and Rescue- technical

      5. Water Search and Rescue (surface only)- technical

      6. Trench and Excavation Search and Rescue- none

      7. Machinery Search and Rescue- awareness

      8. Cave Search and Rescue- operations

      9. Mine and Tunnel Search and Rescue- none

      10. Helicopter Search and Rescue- awareness

      11. Hazardous Materials- operations

      12. All service levels listed at less than the technical level will be supplemented by other agencies through mutual aid agreements.

    4. Natural and Man-made Disaster Response The department maintains a constant state of readiness to respond to natural disasters incurred as a result of extreme weather conditions and as a first-response agency for man-made disasters (e.g. wildfires, explosions, environmental emergencies, etc.).  Since a disaster response typically exceeds the resources of the local fire district, Rincon Valley relies on other resources within the region.

    5. Community Risk Reduction Rincon Valley Fire District has adopted the principles of community risk reduction.  As such, it provides life safety education at local schools, special events, and as requested by the community. The fire department performs annual inspections of public buildings and places of employment under the authority of A.R.S § 48-805.

    6. Fire Investigation RVFD, through partnerships with other local fire departments and law enforcement agencies, will provide for the investigation of every fire that threatens our citizens to ensure the proper risk reduction measures are in place for a safer community.

    7. Non-emergency Service Calls The fire department responds to a variety of non-emergency calls for assistance in the community. These include, but are not limited to animal rescue or removal, vehicle/structure lockouts, health/welfare checks and assisting with fire protection system problems

    8. Mutual Aid RVFD cooperates (receiving and providing aid) with other local, state and federal agencies to improve quality of life for all residents of the region.


  1. Organization:  The Rincon Valley Fire District organization consists of forty one employees overseen by a three member board of elected officials.  They are organized as outlined in the RVFD Organizational Chart.


  1. Position Responsibilities:  RVFD employees are expected to meet qualifications and perform duties according to their positions.  These qualifications and duties are outlined in each position’s Position Description.