You Can Still Get Guaranteed Fire and Medical Protection Even if Your Neighborhood Isn’t Part of the Rincon Valley Fire District.

Rincon Valley FIre District responding

Even though we’ve served the Southern Arizona since 1985, there are still many homes in Rincon Valley that are not guaranteed to receive emergency fire and medical services. Is yours one of them?

Check the map to see if your home is located in an annexed part of the Rincon Valley Fire District. If not, and if you want guaranteed emergency services, it’s time to annex.

The Truth About Annexation

There’s a common misconception that no matter where you’re located in the Rincon Valley Fire District, you are guaranteed a response from our fire and medical emergency team members. The unfortunate reality is, we’re unable to guarantee a response to an emergency if you do not live in a home that has officially been annexed into our district. This is true, even if we’ve responded to emergencies in the past.

The Cost of Annexation Might be Less Than You Think

One of the biggest fears homeowners have about annexing into the Rincon Valley Fire District is the increase in tax burden. Although there is a slight rise in your property taxes, you have the potential to save in other areas.

You Might be able to Lower Your Property Insurance Premium

If your home is not located in a fire district, chances are your property insurance premiums are higher than they would be if you annexed into the Rincon Valley Fire District. We have one of the lowest Insurance Service Office (ISO) ratings in Southern Arizona. Not only will most insurance companies lower your premiums if you live in a fire district, but by becoming a part of our fire district, in particular, you have an even greater chance at saving on your property taxes.

You Eliminate the Risk of Large Bills From Emergency Response Teams

Did you know that a typical ambulance bill is approximately $1,400? The last thing you want to worry about in a medical emergency is having to foot that bill just to get the help you need. By annexing, you can guarantee a response and avoid the risk of receiving a large bill after an emergency.

You Can Deduct Fire District Taxes From Your Income Taxes

Yes, your property taxes will probably go up. However, you have the opportunity to make up at least some of that money elsewhere in your taxes by deducting local taxes levied for the general public welfare from your income taxes.

You Have a Better Chance of Selling Your Home

Selling your home comes with its own hoops and hurdles to jump. By not being in a fire district, you’re only adding to an already complex process. Increase your chances of selling faster and for a higher price when you annex into the Rincon Valley Fire District.

There Are More Benefits to Being a Part of the Rincon Valley Fire District Beyond Emergency Services

The comfort of knowing quality emergency services are only a phone call away are the primary reason people annex into the Rincon Valley Fire District. Did you know there are other benefits to annexation?

Preventative Services

Do what you can to stop an emergency before it happens! We’ll help you with the following to minimize your chances of having to dial 911.

  • Smoke alarm checks
  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Replacing smoke detector batteries
  • Desert creature removal
  • Block party assistance
  • Fire safety and prevention classes for all ages
  • CPR instruction
  • Car seat instruction on installation by a car seat technician
  • Senior safety programs
  • Investigations

Most of these services are free of charge. If there is a fee associated with a service, it’s heavily discounted for residents who are annexed into the Rincon Valley Fire District.

A Voice in Your Emergency Services

We value your input. As a resident who has annexed into the Rincon Valley Fire District, you can have your voice heard about ongoing decisions we’re making to better serve our community.

Want the opportunity to serve on the Rincon Valley Fire District board? Want a say in who sits at the table making the important decisions? Make your voice heard and bring your opinions front-and-center by annexing into the district.


We’ll Make the Annexation Process as Easy as Possible for You

Arizona State Law puts forth a specific procedure that you must follow if you want your home annexed into any fire district. We’re experienced in navigating this process and here to make it as easy as possible for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We must receive a written request:
    • Full Name
    • Parcel Code
    • Property Address
    • Legal description of the property
    • Map showing that the area is contiguous to the boundaries of the district
  • The annexation must be placed on the agenda for the next Rincon Valley Fire District board meeting for discussion and action.
  • Once approved, we will record the resolution, written requests, and legal descriptions of the property with the Pima County recorder’s office.
  • Once the Fire Board approves the resolution, the property is considered part of the district boundaries. (However, you probably will not see Rincon Valley Taxes listed on your property tax statement for approximately 18-36 months.

The process might sound overwhelming, but we’ll take on the bulk of the work for you. The goal? To increase the number of people we can help

We show up to work every day with one mission in mind: To better the community where we live and serve. By annexing your property into the Rincon Valley Fire District, you enable us to fulfill that mission without complication. We want to be the ones who you rely on for help during an emergency and beyond. That’s why we’re here to make annexation as easy and smooth as possible for you.

Contact Us to Start the Annexation Process

We’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started.

By phone: (520) 647-3760

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